Google Software Principles for Shockwave Flash Crash presents a technical solution to fix Shockwave Flash error. The web site is published by Sorcim Technologies and the author behind it is Nauman Lodhi. Sorcim Technologies believes in providing best solutions to PC users through its products and broad array of technical solutions websites. At Sorcim, we regard privacy of users and the software that we distribute through our web sites and software(s) strictly adhere to Google Software Principles. The software mentioned in Shockwave Flash Crashing also adheres to these principles.


Any product developed by Sorcim technologies never tricks you to install it on your system. All products of Sorcim Technologies including RegInOut, which is promoted on this web site, have clear Installation behavior. When you download RegInOut on your system, you will be asked for your consent. You have the freedom to stop installation. The product does not install any additional toolbars or software on your system.

Upfront disclosure

When you attempt to install products build by Sorim on your system, it shows you EULA and user of the product is required to read EULA before installation, otherwise software will not get installed on your system. No third party links are placed for advertisement purpose. On this web site the software registration prices are explicitly stated. There is no ambiguity.

Simple removal

At Sorcim Technologies, we create tools to help users improve performance of their PCs. We believe that software removal process should be simple. RegInOut has clean removal process. You can uninstall this product through control panel. By removing this product, it won’t affect performance of your system.

Clear behavior

When you download and install our products on your system, there would be simple Install Now button. Application gets installed on your system using its product name RegInOut. Users of the product are given enough control to uninstall product any time and this software does not change the system settings without your consent. Its usage is totally under users control.


Users of the product are not required to submit their personal information such as email and address prior to downloading it. Our company strongly believes in ethical business. Our web site and the software promoted through it does not receives any personal information from your system and it never perform any hidden functions that can damage your privacy.

Keeping good company

When you download our product your system, it is not bundled with third party links. Our products are aimed at providing best user experience to PC users and we mean it.