Privacy Policy - Shockwave Flash Crash

The website uses Google Adsense and Google Analytics scripts on its website. The first serves users the ads while the later tracks technical information.

You can control cookies and stop ads-serving by visiting this Google's Advertising Privacy & Terms link.

You can also block sending your technical information to Google using the Google Opt-out tool:

Users browsing through our web site will not be asked to give any personal information.

Users are free to download software from this web site there is no need to enter any credit card data.

We will not track any personal information of the users.

There are a few third party links on our web sites. These links direct users to other web sites of which we guarantee that no private data will be required from the users.

The downloadable software from our web site is owned by Sorcim Technologies and it might only track the technical details given you visit the official web site of RegInOut.

We will not, in any case, share your data with anyone.